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Elite Plastiform

In order to meet our clients' demands for items that can be used repeatedly without degrading, Elite Plastiform Boards and Accessories was born out of necessity. For more than 30 years, consumers have been using our forms. They don't bend, splinter, hold water, or adhere to cement, and they may be used hundreds of times. Over 15 years have passed since several of our forms were first used.​

Elite Plastiform are incredibly adaptable. They are suitable for practically any concrete job where a similarly shaped wooden form would typically be used. For all varieties of concrete form work, our forms are the ideal piece of machinery. Use them for foundations, circles, curves, and flatwork. They are a great option for creating steps, walls, curbs, and gutters due to their versatility, flexibility, and capacity for stacking. No need to deal with screws or nails. Everything has easy attach and release capabilities. With our rapid connection and very simple-to-use CamLocks that slide and lock into stakes, either wood or metal, with only a twist of a lever, forms are simple to join. Quick to set up and take down! 


We are ecologically conscious. We don't throw away our forms after a few uses. And! We don't cut down trees to gather the materials we need to make our shapes.


We are the only business that gives a warranty on our forms because we are so certain they will outperform those of the competitors. We avoid using recycled composite resins since they are less expensive to utilize during the production process but degrade after prolonged usage or exposure to heat or cold. We will replace any Elite Plastiform plastic forms that malfunction and are no longer suitable for their intended application.


Elite Plastiform shapes are just 1/3 the weight of wood. On a lightweight compact truck, you may transport up to 1,285 feet of board. That means far more forms and much lower costs, drastically lowering your labor and gasoline expenditures, which boosts your revenue.

Why Elite Plastiform? 

We Aim to Build a Better World

Although compared to a hardwood board of the same size, an Elite Plastiform's board is more expensive. However, the pricing comparison ends there. Why? The reason being that you don't replace our boards after a few uses. After more than 15 years, we still see our forms in use. Yes, your initial cost is higher, but compared to a form built of wood, your costs per use are considerably lower.

Using an Elite Plastiform has so many benefits that you won't want to use wood or metal again. 

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